Peculiar as Love

How odd, how strange…
This love has become.

Love’s sleek expression…
Love’s rash chance…
Love’s honesty…

The lesson learned before:
What is true is not fleeting.

How is it possible…
Winter is mildest in the summer.
Leaves never fall in the spring.
The sun is always lit in the night sky.

How odd,
How strange,
This love will remain…


Fools Cry Twice

They once met under a lovelorn tree.  Three words kept them close.  She laid in his lap, looking up, her long hair spread over the fallen leaves.

She said, “Make my every dream come true.” In her eyes was a time still to come, a space to be filled. He replied, “If what you seek can’t be attained, I would stretch across the bounds of impossibility.”  He forgot to ask if she’d do the same.

They kissed under the cool Sun, a lotus dripped from their lips.  She rose to stand.  In front of him, she blocked the Sun from his eyes.  Something was wrong now, the creases around her oculi read disappointment.  She rushed from in front of the Sun, leaving his eyes bare to the hot rays.  Burning in anguish he regained his visual and she vanished, only leaving a shadow.

Frantic, he circled the tree twice.  His emotions hid in vagary, and she was gone.  He must have looked under every leaf to find her smile.  The tree rotted into clay, her shadow swallowed the skies and the rain came. He was naked and unprotected from the hard rain. Recollection crashed, and a memory once known dissolved.

In pain, he looked up and the rain drizzled over him.  He implored her to return.  The clouds thickened and the rain hit harder.  His skin bled.  He begged the skies for an understanding, and thunder roared.  Once more he wailed, and lightning struck.

It struck him twice on the right side of my chest.  Penetrated to the soul. His flesh surged.  His eyes opened and from his mind emerged a new world.

His heart shuttered and he awoke brand new.  His spirit bowed to the brilliance of the moon, the capstone of the darkness.  His body lifted from a soft rock.  At his back were a thousand trees shaped like the one he remembered.  He thought of her, but the moon lit brighter, and he was at ease.  A wave hit the back of his heel, an ocean promising tranquility stretched out to the distance.  Distant stars manifested the wonders of the new sense, he was not blind anymore.

Achievement rested on his shoulders, his body quivered and the moon dimmed.  He turned around once more and there she stood.  The moon’s light passed her and the trees retreated.  He approached her and the ocean called him back.  He stopped!  She called to him and he took two more steps toward her, but the clouds returned enveloping the moon and the stars.  She lamented, “I made a mistake, and I never meant to leave.”  Sand poured from her tongue as she spoke and the ocean behind him shrank to an oasis.  She was in quick sand now.  She needed him.  He wanted to help.  He took another step and the doves turned to dust.

He began to cry as the sand held her.  In her hands were two tears, she threw one to him and asked me to drink with her, for then they could suffer together.  The ground rumbled as he put the tear to his lips and the oasis disappeared.  He decided not to drink and instead threw the tear to the earth.  She lamented.

Paradise slowly reappeared as he watched the sand consume her.  He cried.  A last tear rolled down his cheeks.  She was gone, and he was relieved.  He stood in the shallow realms of glory, conjuring up the courage to take a dive in the deep end of redemption.  The wind curls his physique, she reappears next to him, and he smile.  The wind blows once more and she‘s gone forever.