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Damon McGhee
Damon McGhee


MAD is a collection of original stories written by Damon McGhee, a Chicago-based librarian, archivist and writer.  MAD is a creative extension of my work as a librarian and my personal interests.

I was first inspired – and recently pressured – by family and friends to showcase my writing online.  My only intention with writing is to inform and entertain.  So here I am with MAD.


M, A, and D are my initials ordered backward.  Initially, I was to call this space DAM.  “Did you read those DAM stories?  Did you see that DAM photo?”  While a funny coincidence I didn’t want the name of this space – or my name rather – to be a distraction to the stories posted here.  MAD as a name is not out of place here.  I am not angry in any sense of the word and none of my stories are either.  But, I like to depict real emotion and reactions in my stories.  Nothing mad about that!


A reader will encounter an array of stories covering various topics.  I am launching a comedy/drama series called Library Chronicles where readers will encounter stories that relate to experiences of librarians, students working in the library and patrons of the library.  The library setting is of fiction.  The characters are fictional.

I also have a category of story related to travel called Mandemic.  I travel internationally for work and pleasure.  In the last 10 years I have touched down in over 35 countries.  I’ve met a great deal of people and have enjoyed majority of places I’ve found myself.  I would like to share these stories with you.

I spend a great deal of time studying comic books and graphic novels.  I read a great deal of comics and from time to time I like to write reviews about those that I’ve enjoyed the most.

I am a member of the Bahá’í Faith, the most recent of monotheistic religions.  The Bahá’í Faith is a huge part of my life.  The religious experience is one thing, and the spiritual progress I see in myself is another.  Don’t worry I won’t be preachy here, but to say that I won’t relate stories of my life as a Bahá’í would be a lie.

In any case, stay awhile.  Enjoy and share a story today!


Some stories are rawer than others.  Some stories have strong language.  Some stories depict ideas of sexuality.  Some stories are fact and others fiction.  Some posts are not stories at all!!!

Please, find what it is that you like to read.  I have plenty in me to keep going for a while.


If you have a request for a story, I am all ears.  I WILL WRITE YOU A STORY!  I love to do research and find a new perspective “of it all” and share with friends.  Shoot me an email!